9 Content Mistakes Making Your Emails Hit Spam Folder

 9 Content Mistakes Making Your Emails Hit Spam Folder

Emails are still a relevant and cost-effective way to reach out to people, especially in a professional setting. But many people face the problem of their emails landing in the spam folder. There are multiple reasons why your emails are landing in the spam folder.

The big question here is what is email spam?

What Is Email Spam?

Email spam is referred to as unsolicited email messages, generally sent in bulk to many recipients. In simple words, if someone sends unrequested messages to the recipients for malicious reasons, this practice is called email spamming.

To protect their users from this kind of false practice, ESPs like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOI have set algorithms and filters. There is also a law that protects the recipients from spam. CAN-SPAM is a law that states that recipients have the right to stop businesses from sending them commercial emails and messages.

Is It Possible for Emails to Accidentally Land in Spam Folders?

Yes, it is possible that your emails can accidentally land in the spam folder. Sometimes your domain authority is not configured, which can trigger spam filters, resulting in your emails landing in spam. There are ways in which you can authenticate your domain and email addresses.

Another reason could be that spam filters and anti-spam software such as SpamAssassin identify spammy behavior and send your emails to the spam folder.

Read on to learn how to stop your emails from going to spam.

This article lists nine common email content mistakes to avoid in order to preserve your sender reputation and increase email open rates.

9 Reasons Why Your Emails Go to the Spam Folder

  • 1) Employing Excessive Capitalization and Special Characters :

    A message with an excessive amount of capital letters or special characters (! &,???, etc.) will appear strange and spammy. This may set off email filters, raise spam complaints, and send your emails to the spam folder, where they won’t be seen by your intended audience.

    Here are three alternatives that will help your email have more impact:

    • To simplify reading and break up long passages of text, use bullet points.
    • To grab your audience’s attention, provide an image or a video.
    • Create a brief statement in your email to confuse recipients.

    Avoiding this content marketing mistake of excessive capitalization and special characters in your content will help your email land in the primary inbox of your recipient.

  • 2) Using Spam-Related Keywords :

    Phishing or fraud emails linked to scams or criminal activity frequently contain spam trigger words. Email filters are set up to detect emails containing certain terms as spam. Therefore, if your emails contain spam trigger words, it’s likely that they will end up in spam, where nobody will see them.

    Avoid using too forceful, invasive, or manipulative language to avoid this. Focus on speaking to your audience in a cordial and conversational manner. Sometimes you may unintentionally make this content mistake therefore it’s better to proofread your email messages before reading.

  • 3) Don’t Include an Unsubscribe Link :

    When you provide an unsubscribe link it allows the recipient to give them a chance to opt out. Then you can remove their email list and avoid your emails from getting into spam complaints. It is significant regardless of the email that you send: cold email, newsletter, or transactional email.

    3 ways in which feedback from the unsubscribe buttons can be used are:

    • Modify your email content according to the feedback you receive.
    • Give your recipient an option to receive less number of emails.
    • Share informative resources on your unsubscribe page.

    This content marketing mistake is the most common mistake that is done by a marketer to increase traffic on the web page or in effort to not lose the prospect. But it’s better to use the feedback from the unsubscribe link then to not offer it to the prospects.

  • 4) Sending Relevant or Insignificant Emails :

    Don’t limit the personalization of your emails by just adding the first name of the recipient. Focus on providing value to the recipients by sharing the relevant information with them. When the prospect receives the message he should feel that the message is drafted just for the recipients.

  • 5) Don’t Give False Promise :

    When you use clickbait in the email subject line just to get them to open the email this practice can backfire. The mismatch between the recipient’s expectation and the message that is actually present in your email can act against you. In the long run, this can affect the deliverability of your email address.

  • 6) Inserting More Images into Your Emails :

    Putting images in your recipient inbox seems a good way to personalize but that is not true every time. One thing to keep in mind is to balance the proposition of text and images in your email message. As this will rule out the possibility of your email landing in spam.

  • 7) Don’t Use Complex Html in Your Email :

    When you put complex HTML code in making your emails it can affect your email deliverability. Broken HTML code can send your emails to spam as they trigger the email service provider. This increases the bounce rate bringing the email deliverability down. Avoiding this is very easy by using simple variables to personalize your emails.

  • 8) Link Shorteners or Attachments Can Trigger ESPs :

    A common way for spammers to spamming and phishing emails is to use link shorteners or attachments in their emails. These kinds of links usually have viruses hidden in them. So, instead of hyperlinking your text or interesting link in your emails is preferable.

  • 9) Avoiding Fancy Signature :

    Having a fancy signature does not add any specific value to your email but it can affect your deliverability as a fancy email needs a complex HTML which can trigger the spam filters. Best to keep your email signature simple and straightforward!

Bonus :

  • 10) Drafting Less Effective Email Messages :

    When drafting an email for the recipient it’s important that the message should be appealing enough and bring the recipient to take the action which is directed towards the CTA. If the message that you have drafted is not compelling enough then it can result in your efforts being wasted.

    If you want to reach out to your client then try SendBuzz’s cold email templates that let you connect with the prospect with personalized messages at scale.

    • Writing emails that avoid spam and get replies
    • With the right approach towards email like personalization reach out to your prospect effortlessly
    • Know more about how to do email warming

    Now that you know what mistakes can land your emails straight to the spam folder and their alternative best practices. Land your emails straight to the recipient’s primary inbox with these tips.

Conclusion :

Now that you know the reason that can lead to your emails landing in the spam folder avoiding these content marketing mistakes will give you the results that you want. It’s important to note here that a sales engagement platform can help you in multiple ways to optimize your email marketing and sales engagement.

Ways in which you can a sales engagement software can optimize your email marketing campaign are

I guess now you know everything to kick start your email marketing campaigns and how to avoid content mistakes leading your email to spam folder.

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